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Basic Items Select Price
Exclusive Idea & Designing WEBSITE
26,000,000 Rls
Number of Pages 1,800,000 Rls
Slide Show
1,600,000 Rls
Image Gallery
2,200,000 Rls
Video Gallery
2,000,000 Rls
Contact Form
1,500,000 Rls
Searching WEB Content
900,000 Rls
Showing Website’s Visitors Statistic
800,000 Rls
Professional Items Select Price
Membership & User Management
5,400,000 Rls
Customer Management System
7,000,000 Rls
Determine the level of user access
4,000,000 Rls
News & Reviews System
4,000,000 Rls
Product rating system
2,800,000 Rls
Email Marketing System
12,000,000 Rls
Email Analytics
14,000,000 Rls
Information Form
1,900,000 Rls
Google Map
1,300,000 Rls
guarantee registration
5,000,000 Rls
Online Chat
3,800,000 Rls
Advanced Search
3,500,000 Rls
4,500,000 Rls
Commercial Features Select Price
Online Order
7,000,000 Rls
Compare Products
8,000,000 Rls
Online Payment
9,000,000 Rls
The possibility of of separation products
5,000,000 Rls
Designing Database of Products
10,000,000 Rls
Shopping Basket
5,500,000 Rls
Sending invoice and Tracking Code
6,000,000 Rls
Suggested Items Select Price
Data Entering 600,000 Rls
WEB Language
Designing Mobile Version
Hosting 0 Rls

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